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Tom Glynn Carney

Tom Glynn Carney

**Tom Glynn-Carney** is an English actor and singer. He has appeared in several notable film and television roles. Here's a brief overview of his career:

1. **Film Roles**:
   - **Dunkirk (2017)**: In Christopher Nolan's war film *Dunkirk*, Glynn-Carney played Peter Dawson, the son of the small boat captain who sailed to rescue British soldiers from the surrounded city of Dunkirk.
   - **Tolkien (2019)**: He portrayed Christopher Wiseman in this biographical drama about the early life of author J.R.R. Tolkien.
   - **The King (2019)**: Glynn-Carney starred as Henry "Hotspur" Percy in this historical drama film directed by David Michôd. The cast also included Robert Pattinson, Timothée Chalamet, and Lily-Rose Depp¹.
   - **Rialto (2019)**: He appeared in this Irish drama film.
   - **The Book of Clarence (2023)**: Glynn-Carney was cast in this upcoming project.

2. **Television Roles**:
   - **House of the Dragon (2022)**: He played King Aegon II Targaryen, the firstborn son of King Viserys, in the *Game of Thrones* prequel series *House of the Dragon.
   - **SAS: Rogue Heroes (2022)**: He appeared in the BBC miniseries.
   - **The Last Post (2017)**: Glynn-Carney portrayed Lance Corporal Tony Armstrong in this BBC military drama series.
   - **The Ferryman (2017)**: He starred as Shane Corcoran in the Jez Butterworth play, which opened at the Royal Court Theatre and later transferred to the West End at the Gielgud Theatre.

3. **Music**: In addition to his acting career, Glynn-Carney is the lead singer of the indie band *Sleep Walking Animals.

Overall, Tom Glynn-Carney has made a significant impact in both film and television, showcasing his talent and versatility as an actor.

Tom Glynn-Carney @ Tom_Glynn-Carney

Tom Glynn-Carney is an English actor and singer. He has appeared in Christopher Nolan's war film Dunkirk (2017), Tolkien, The King, and Rialto (2019), and as Aegon II Targaryen in House of the Dragon ..