Promote Privacy

Promote Privacy

Promote Privacy

Doodo Adz Regulator (DARE)


Say Hello To DARE

Welcome to the new era of Ad Personalization

Are conventional ad structures disturbing your browsing experience? Are you worried about your online privacy? Have you ever wondered how these ads are reading your mind? We have the perfect solution. DARE will help you to secure your privacy and will take you to the wonderworld of new browsing experience. We won't use any Cookies or any tracking devices to intrude in your privacy. Browse more and Earn more Are you interested in hosting our ads in your own mobile applications? We will help you to earn a good revenue at ease. Download our DARE App now and register for free.


DARE acts as a convenient platform to grow ad revenue completely different from conventional search engine marketing. If you are ready to host our client based ads in your personal applications , We will pay you a share of profit from our clients by analysing insights from DARE App which include unique user view, impression, engagement and click. DARE App has a unique interface which functions as an analytics to monitor the ad performance in your apps. 

Say Goodbye to Traditional Ads marketing (Fraud marketing) and Protect your Online Privacy



DARE has a numerous number of clients as part of our search engine. Each partner has their own unique ads to display thereby attracting more users to their brand. They will pay us an amount to display these ads and you will get a share of this amount based on the ad performance in your application. DARE has a unique and transparent Insight View so that our team and you can easily understand the details which helps you and our team to analyse all the details uptodate.

DARE Wallet

DARE comes with its own wallet where you can check your DARE credit earned from hosting the ads. You can also use this credit amount to purchase Doodo Services with custom offers.You are free to checkout this amount to any of your banking services. You can view each transaction and can identify how many earnings you got from each ad.

NOTE: We always stick with our privacy policies. DARE will not promote or encourage any cheating or fraudulent activities and you can visit our privacy policies for more information.All datas can be verified by our transparent Insight View from your DARE Account.


Download the DARE App in a single click and register for free. You only need to fill the Required information and our team will contact you soon. Don't worry! We will never sell your personal information to anyone and won't even use this info for our services without your consent. Do watch our tutorial videos to get a more clear idea how DARE works.


DARE has a unique and transparent Insight View to identify and analyze individual ad performance in your personal application which is viewable to you as well as us at any time anywhere. This feature is introduced so as to strengthen the TRUST between DARE and Users. We don't have anything to hide from you. Your dats are always safe with us.


Sign up Adz controller for free and get more from your app today.

Direct Business Advertising

Tripple Programmatic Revenue

with Doodo's Adz DARE app


Follow these steps:

1. Learn and understand what the Better Ads Standards are

2. Self-audit your ad experiences

3. Access the Ad Experience Report to check your status

Maximize your revenue with Opportunities and Experiments. Insights and actions customized for your business

Promote to Your Target Customers
  1. Connect with your potential customers.
  2. Target your ads and choose your audience.
  3. Expressive text based ads ensure more clicks and attention to your ads.
Engage Customers and Build Relationships


  1. Promote your business, interest, or anything you like.
  2. Create your custom ad for promotion of any site, page, app or any content.
  3. The ads shown very close to the customers keywords.
Manage Your Budget: Reach more and Spent less
  1. You can adjust, pause or end your campaign at any time without extra charge..
  2. You set your own budget..
  3. Your costs will depend on what you are trying to accomplish with your advertising..



Earn more with your apps.