Promote Privacy

Promote Privacy

Promote Privacy

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Doodo’s Mission

Experience the next level search engine experience with Doodo’s most advanced and secure private browsing, the search engine and browser that respect you. Doodo global initiative is a company based in India aimed at empowering the youth as well as the general public. We provide the ultimate search engine experience with full privacy and also a freelancing platform for job providers and seekers. We help to connect companies with freelancers through a well versed user-friendly platform.

“We value Your Privacy” 

Our Core Values


Our services will definitely build trust of our esteemed clients in us and vice versa. We were able to develop extreme confidence and will ensure that we are built to deliver the best.


We assure a regular core safety audit and also swear to our most valued clients to develop tactics and practices that will earn us an exquisite image.


Honesty is the cornerstone of all success, without which confidence and ability to perform shall cease to exist and well exhibited by our team and management. Honesty is in the forefront of all our services.


Our aim is to ensure the highest level of transparency in all our dealings. We will put all our cards on the table while ensuring that our patrons get exactly what they are paying for.

We are living in a digital era where privacy concerns are increasing day by day. Everything is available on the internet in a single click. As the use of the internet increases, Fraudulent activities are also rapidly increasing. The number of cyber crimes has increased tremendously. Stay alert while using the internet. Remind your child that they should never share personal information on sites/services with people they do not know, and this includes usernames and passwords. If a site requests their personal information and they are not sure if it is okay to enter it, encourage them to check with an adult first. It is the best practice to follow to avoid unnecessary circumstances

What is Do Not Track?

Do Not Track (DNT) is a web browser setting that requests that a web application disable its tracking of an individual user. Do not fall for such foolishness. Because it's not working! How AdSense uses cookies AdSense sends a cookie to the user's browser after any impression, click, or other activity that results in a call to our servers. If the browser accepts the cookie, the cookie is stored on the browser. This cookie monitors and stores user real time behaviour and will help malicious and non malicious websites to display more ads in their websites or search engine result pages. We don't use AdSense, We have a unique advertising system of our own and have a look at it.

You can support this mission by telling your friends why they should use Doodo. 

Switch to Doodo search and Secure your privacy!

“ We Respect Your Privacy “

You can support our mission by sharing Doodo search experience with your friends and convey why should they use our services We don't promote the habit of collecting or sharing personal information like others do.

We don't collect or share personal information.


1. Explain how Other's tracks you and we don't

Searches should remain private and away from advertisers. 

2. Doodo apps block Other'shidden trackers

Google trackers lurk on almost all websites on the internet. No thanks. 

3. Get results outside the Filter Bubble

We are committed to show accurate search results, we will never relied on your search history. 

4. Stand up and join a pro-privacy model

Our world needs an alternative to the present scenarios in the Digital Ecosystem.

Time to spread the word! 

We don't collect or share personal information.

Equipped with the above talking points, you’re ready to help anyone who wishes for asecure and private browsing.

”If you don’t protect your online privacy, who will?” : Expect Us! You are a precious link in this Reclaiming Privacy mission. Share Doodo Search Experience with your connections and help us to create a global network against Anti-Privacy.

“Stay Updated”