Promote Privacy

Promote Privacy

Promote Privacy


     Doodo: A Search Engine That Respect Your Privacy

We don't promote collecting or sharing any personal information


Doodo is the first ever search engine which is based in India focused completely on ensuring user privacy by allowing users to browse seamlessly with full freedom. It is our duty to keep the digital ecosystem clean and healthy. Your privacy is our responsibility.

Our mission

Our mission is to develop an advanced and easy-to-use search engine experience for users who are willing to protect their privacy and security of online data. We have developed a comprehensive website that protects user dada. With our development, users are protected from being tracked while using our search engine. User privacy is absolutely protected. is an online freelance marketplace that presents you with an opportunity to turn knowledge, talent, skill or a hobby into a permanent or temporary source of income. It provides security, privacy, convenience and timely payments for doing what you love the most. You deserve your privacy We're here to help you gain trust in online browsing, showing people how to take control of their information.

Faster navigation

Block all fingerprinting

No cookies, No tracking

Encourage Privacy!

Doodo search is implemented as an idea for a better and convenient search engine experience. We decided to make a bold move and show accurate search results in minimal time and not save search history. We told the world "Others track you, But we won't”. We are focused on improving user interface and experience so as to establish an unconditional love with browsing.

Doodo Value Your Privacy

Doodo search delivers high customer satisfaction by providing precise quantity and quality results and never keeps track of what the user does online. Our team strongly believes that securing user data and search history is important to our company privacy policy. Therefore Doodo never records your online datas and never uses any of your personal credentials for advertising or other purposes. Doodo retrieves highly precise data from their servers and delivers it to their users via browsers with the help of advanced search engine algorithms. Advanced level of security and privacy is provided to the user with the help of modern technologies. Doodo never monitors or records their user actions on the web there by providing complete protection from privacy issues.

Equality Among Users

Doodo search is always user oriented and intended. We swear to keep Neutrality / Impartiality among all the services provided to the user. Doodo search wish the world wide web should be available to all with out any discrimination on any basis. Our sorting algorithms are equally applied everywhere so as to not restrict any website from showcasing in search results based on commercial,political or other affairs.

Privacy Policy

Team Doodo

Doddo makes sure that your privacy is protected, and that is the cornerstone of our philosophy. We don’t use or encourage the use of any cookies nor any tracking devices that may allow us to track your browsing routine or your profile. We never know who you are or what you are doing while using our search engines because each customer is having esteem value to us. If there is a situation arise where we need to collect any of your data, We will definitely alert you and seek your consent. We can ensure that none of your datas will be disclosed nor sell it for commercial or other use. We use the datas exclusively to enrich the user experience and provide you with the best Doodo services.



Have you ever thought of what all are the permissions you granted for a search engine that you use in day to day life? Should we always ask our search engines what all personal data that it collects and not collecting? Most of them will refuse to answer such questions. But Doodo is ready to answer any questions that you put forward to us! We don’t have anything to hide from our precious users. Doodo always values your privacy concerns. To the maximum of its possibilities and the state of art, Doodo anonymizes the data it needs to collect to deliver its services. Unlike other search engines, Doodo does not require any type of user registration to use its search engine.

We don't even use cookies or other tracking mechanisms (Pixel,Fingerprinting..) to monitor user activities on the internet which differentiate us from others.We don't collect and store any search history. Long story short, what you are doing with Doodo is part of your privacy and we don’t want to know.

“Doodo : Responsibly Yours”


How about ads? Aren’t they tracked?

Doodo is a free search engine open to anyone. Our main source of revenues comes from ads displayed on the Doodo search engine result page.But we take pride in doing it while respecting both your privacy and your search experience on Doodoo.We do not track people, and this is never going to change. We believe you will possibly find commercials interesting when they are directly displayed along with what you are searching. Through their numerous formats, ads have too often taken over the user experience. On Doodo, you will never see intrusive ads that get in the way of what you are looking for. With such commitments, we hope to demonstrate that such responsible and respectful behavior is possible. We have been working for several months at identifying and designing solutions aligned with those principles. We believe we now have designed a simple and efficient offering by working with the Microsoft Bing ad network. Therefore, every ad that Doodo displays fully adheres to the values we defend and our quality standards.

When you use Doodo, no personal information whatsoever is either captured or transmitted to advertisers.

In details:

– No third party cookies

– No trackers

– No behavioral targeting

– No campaigns mixing legit and promotional content (native advertising)

We believe advertising can be a responsible business model.


Links to Other Websites

Our Service may contain links to other websites that are not operated by Us. If You click on a third-party link, you will be directed to that third party's site. We strongly advise You to review the Privacy Policy of every site You visit.  We have no control over and assume no responsibility for the content, privacy policies or practices of any third-party sites or services.