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Jerry Yang

Jerry Yang

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Who is Jerry Yang?

Jerry Yang is a Taiwanese-American internet entrepreneur, best known as the co-founder, and the former CEO of ‘Yahoo! Inc.’ Born in Taiwan, his family moved to United States when he was ten and he learned to speak the English language in the following years. Later, he completed his graduation as well as post-graduation in electrical engineering and applied for his doctoral degree. While studying for his PhD, he met David Filo, his office partner, and soon they both became hooked to the Internet which was newly introduced at the time. While surfing, they identified the complexity in locating the required websites over the internet and developed software to overcome this problem. Originally they created a website to provide for a way to organize the maze of internet addresses on the World Wide Web, which later transformed into a multi-billion corporation. Soon, the website’s immense popularity encouraged them to establish ‘Yahoo! Inc.’, which gradually became a successful provider of Internet and Web-based services. He served as the ‘Chief Yahoo’ of the company for over a decade and played a key role in managing and developing the company’s business policies, also serving as head of several other corporations.

Jerry Yang @ Jerry_Yang

Jerry Chih-Yuan Yang is a Taiwanese-American billionaire computer programmer, internet entrepreneur, and venture capitalist. He is the co-founder and former CEO of Yahoo! Inc., which he started with c..