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Steve Chen

Steve Chen


Steve Chen is one of the most well known internet entrepreneurs from Taiwan. Steve Chen is mostly known as one of the founders of one of the most popular websites today, Youtube.Chen began working as a part of PayPal, where he would meet future YouTube co-founders, Jawed Karim and Chad Hurley. PayPal is a company that handles worldwide online payments, serving as an electronic alternative to paper methods. In 2018, it was ranked as 222nd on the Fortune 500 list of largest US corporations by revenue. He eventually left PayPal, and became one of the early employees of the company Facebook.t was during this time that he was approached to start YouTube, and he decided to leave Facebook to focus on this new project.

Steve Chen @ Steve_Chen

Steve Chen is a Taiwanese-born American Internet entrepreneur who is one of the co-founders and previous chief technology officer of the American video-sharing website YouTube. After he co-founded the..